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New Stuff on the Site! [Jun. 1st, 2006|11:21 pm]


We've got a lot of new stuff for everyone to check out!!


Rise Against: 5 winners will receive a autographed copy of the bands new album "The Sufferer & The Witness" which comes out July 4th. Enter here!

Sound of Superman: The Sound of Superman features covers and original songs that explore themes of heroism and name-drop the Man of Steel, who makes his highly anticipated return to the big screen in SUPERMAN RETURNS. The album hits stores on June 13th and the movie is in theaters June 30th. DrivenFarOff.com has teamed up with Special Ops Media to give away three copies of the Sound of Superman complication. Enter here!

Run Kid Run - "This Is Who We Are"
Angels & Airwaves - "We Don't Need To Whisper"
Saves The Day - "Sound The Alarm
Forgive Durden - "Wonderland"
Transition - "Get There"
Halifax - "The Invevitability of a Strange World"
Stars - "Set Yourself a Fire"
Matt Wertz - "Today & Tomorrow"
Quietdrive - "When All That's Left Is You"
Ligeia - "Your Ghost is a Gift"
The Format - "Dog Problems"

Whew that's a lot... Click on the links to read each one or check them all out by going here!

The Acacia Strain

Check them all out and others here!

Thats all for now, be sure to check out www.drivenfaroff.com daily for lots more!